Welcome to Worldania! Worldania is a start-up cloud country. A cloud country is a geography-independent voluntary association that provides services to its citizens that don't depend on where the citizen lives, such as recording marriages, births, deaths, divorces, contracts, and online organization more generally, including neighborhood cleanups, online conventions, conferences, ongoing classes for all levels of education, and whatever else the citizens of Worldania can imagine and achieve.

What rules should govern the ideal cloud country? Help us figure out the answers to this question by taking part in the virtual constitutional convention described below. Anyone may become a citizen of Worldania and take part in this groundbreaking work. If you have coding skills, a political science or law background, or are just interested in how government works in the information age, or should work, you should take part.

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The virtual constitutional convention ("ConCon") is our first big effort in creating our cloud country. We have hundreds of historical constitutions to draw from but we must keep in mind at all times that today's existing constitutions are out of date with the capabilities of modern information technology, alternative currencies, commerce and movement of people and goods, not to mention new ideas in Internet-enabled direct democracy and good governance.

Crowdsourcing of government is, with the Interwebs, smartphones and alt coins like Bitcoin, now not only possible but highly desirable in all aspects of modern government. Our task, for those taking part in the virtual ConCon, will be to discuss and think through each aspect of what is required for a modern and robust constitution.

Any citizen may take part in the ConCon by registering or logging in at the convention's Authorea page here.


The ConCon is where the real action happens but the Forum is where the discussion gets serious. The Forum will mirror the structure of the draft constitution as it is created and will be where we go to bounce ideas around, post blog entries long and short, and work through differences about specific language and approaches to each section of the constitution.

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This page contains the rules for how this website and the ConCon will be run. These rules are also modifiable if required but these are provided fully fleshed out in order to get the process going smoothly.

Any citizen may take part in the Rules-making process by registering or logging in at the Worldania Rules page at Authorea.com here.

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There are a ton of books and other resources relevant to our task. Here is a short list of relevant resources, books, articles and websites.

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To make suggestions for additional resources email info@worldania.net.


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